JM Duncan Barrier Rental

Rent or Buy Median Barriers from JM Duncan

Median Barrier Uses

The median barriers have many different functions and can be used by a wide variety of businesses. Concrete median barriers are great for:

  • Traffic control
  • Event safety
  • Safety for pedestrians

With the rental of these median barriers, they can be used for long periods of time, if need be.

Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Certified

With this MDOT certification, the median barriers can be used on many types of projects including ones that are federally funded.

Median Barrier Features

The median barriers that are available to rent, are 10′ concrete median barriers that interlock with a pin. The median barriers way about 4,400 pounds apiece.

We are located in the North Mississippi area, but these median barriers can be bought or rented from us, anywhere in the nation.

If you would like a quote for renting/buying the median barriers or have any questions please contact us at 662-882-3231 or 662-587-2211 or contact us via our Contact Us page.